Before your Tan

  • 2-3 Days Before
  • -waxing 
  • -nail services
  • 24 hrs. before your tan
  • -Shave legs and other body partts
  • -Exfoliate your elbows, knees and other dry skin areas 
  • Day Of your Tan
  • -Skip heavy makeup, lotion and deodorant
  • -Wear or bring loose dark clothing
  • -Wear or bring flip flops or slip on shoes 

After your Tan

  • Processing time
  • -wait the instructed processing time before your rinse
  • Post Tan Rinse 
  • -Use warm water 
  • -Use minimal soap to wash 
  • -Pat dry with a soft towel
  • -Use lotion to keep skin moisturized 
  • Tan Care
  • -Skip long hot showers
  • -Skip body scrubs 
  • -Use a new razor and moisturizing shaving cream
  • -Apply lotion 2 times per day 

Spray Tan Prep & Care